About Me


My name is Elias, and I’m an entrepreneur, digital marketer, blogger, and a simple guy passionate about life and all the adventures within it.

As a laptop owner myself, and someone who spends most of his time working and networking on the laptop, I often find myself shackled in one place because, let’s face it, not everywhere is a comfortable place to bring your laptop to and work.

So this made me look for a table, or a simple stand, that is portable and lightweight enough which would allow me to carry it with me along with the laptop, so I simply lay down the laptop on it and work comfortably for hours.

It is then that I discovered this whole niche of portable laptop stands, and it only felt natural to me, to the entrepreneur inside of me, that I take this niche, research it well, and present to you here through this website and blog all the good portable laptop stands that I could find, create objective reviews about them, and make them comprehensive, yet simple to read and understand, so you too can pick and choose a stand that’ll make your work-life much easier.

With that said, I hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you need to contact me for anything related to this website or this niche, you are more than welcome to reach me through this email: [email protected]

Or through the social media below.

Happy working!