Amazon Basics Laptop Stand Review

In this review, we’re going to talk about and investigate the AmazonBasics ventilated adjustable laptop stand.

AmazonBasics, in a nutshell, is Amazon’s own off-brand store that offers high-quality popular and basic products, such as this laptop stand, at a very reasonable price.

Since Amazon is a huge brand of a general store, it can afford itself to develop and manufacture all kinds of popular products from scratch. And AmazonBasics, being part of Amazon itself, is the “company”, or “store”, that does this job.

So now you know what AmazonBasics is, let’s see what’s the AmazonBasics laptop stand is all about.

The AmazonBasics ventilated, adjustable laptop stand (As advertised on Amazon) is a very simple, basic, well ventilated laptop stand made mainly of metal mesh panels.

It is one of the many office products offered by the off-brand store of Amazon for only $19! (At the time of this review).

To be honest, that’s a wicked price.

Let’s see why 1k+ customers rated this beauty 4+ (Of 5) stars, of course, aside from its amazing price, and what were their most common complaints as well.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business!

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand Best Features.

This laptop stand comes packed with a variety of great features and benefits despite its extremely simple and ergonomic design.

To name a few:

Adjustable Height.

The AmazonBasics laptop stand has around 8 different levels of adjustable height.

For me, if the laptop stand does not have an adjustable height feature then it’s useless to me. I would be fine with 3 levels of adjustable height but 8, it’s even better.

Why I value the adjustable height feature so much, is because it allows me to adjust the height level of the laptop’s display to suit a proper height level for my eyes, and thus I can assume a proper body and neck posture while working on my laptop.

It’s one of the main reasons people buy laptop stands in the first place.

It promotes healthier working position for a longer period of time.

Amazing Cooling and Ventilation Capabilities.

Normally, most laptop stands come either with a couple of fans beneath their surface OR at least come ready for it.

Because of the way this laptop stand is built, you don’t actually need to add another layer of fans to cool your laptop off unless you have a very old laptop that has very poor performance and even then, I’m not quite sure that you do need to use fans with this laptop stand.

And the reason is:

It’s made of fine-gauge metal mesh panels that help absorb and distribute heat from the laptop very efficiently.

Plus, the tilting of the laptop allows for much better ventilation and air flow in and out of the laptop.

This results in a much cooler laptop even without the use of external fans, which in return reduces the chance of the laptop crashing or freezing in the middle of a long working/networking session, especially for laptops older than 2 years.

Cord Organizer.

This isn’t much of a “best” feature, but nevertheless, this can be a huge plus for some people.

Some people carry with them an external mouse, keyboard, phone chargers, the power cord, and even speakers, and plugging all these devices in altogether at the same time can be a mess, and the cords can quickly mingle together.

This little cord organizer on the back of the laptop stand is a life saver in situations like these, and it’s very easy to use, as simple as pressing the cables in with a little force to insert and pushing out to remove.

Cons and Customer Complaints.

With the price tag given on this product – around $18 – It’s very hard to complain.

However, one little thing about this laptop stand that was in almost all of the customer complaints is the two little tabs on the front of the stand that prevent the laptop from sliding and falling downward.

While they do their job well by preventing your laptop from sliding downward, while typing on the laptop, they can be a major source of annoyance to your palms.

Amazon can easily fix this issue by either providing another layer of the surface to the top level of the stand that’ll give the laptop a little bump upward, and thus negate the chance of physically coming into contact with these tabs.

Another suggestion is to reposition them in a way so that it becomes impossible to touch them while typing on the keyword, while at the same time provide the same functionality of holding your laptop in place.

Another issue could emerge is if you have a  laptop that overheats a lot all the time.

While this is a well-ventilated laptop stand, if your laptop gets extremely overheated while working continuous hours, it might not be enough and you would even feel the heat coming off the metal mesh.

If you’re positive that your laptop heats normally, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Packing isn’t also perfect.

While it’s considered a lightweight, compact laptop stand, unfortunately, it doesn’t fold completely to the end, and it requires some space in your bag to carry it around and travel with it.

If you’re a heavy traveler or move a lot with your laptop, make sure that you have the necessary space to pack this stand with you.


Overall, this is a very inexpensive, sturdy, reliable, well-ventilated, and height adjustable laptop stand.

It’s not the most compact or lightweight laptop stand that I’ve seen, neither it is the most portable one, but considering its price at only $18 at the moment of writing this review, with 8 different levels of height adjustment, and thousands of very happy customers, I recommend this laptop stand for home or office use and for people that don’t move around a lot.

Verdict: Highly Recommended.

Occasions/Purpose: All Kinds, Home/Office.

Our Ratings: [usr 4.4]

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