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Here, we’ll help you find the best portable laptop stand for YOUR needs.

If you find yourself working many hours on your laptop or MacBook, then it is essential that you get an ergonomic and adjustable laptop stand or table to promote your own health and keep you comfortable at all times.

We Selected & Reviewed the Following …

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Superjare Laptop Table
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The Steklo X-Stand
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we are committed to bringing to you some of the best portable laptop stands, desks, and tables right from the world’s largest online retailer: Amazon.

I’ve personally gone over dozens of stands and laptop desks on Amazon and chosen only a selected few that I’ve felt are the most relevant and noteworthy stands you should know about.

On top of that, I wrote a comprehensive, transparent, and complete product review on each laptop stand I picked, I highlighted each stand’s advantages, weak points, who is it for, with my conclusion at the end, a verdict, and my own rating.

See all the reviews on our blog here.

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The Many Features of the Laptop Stand.

This is the Best Place to Pick the Perfect Stand for your Laptop.

Extremely Fast Shipping.

Amazon is known for its FREE/CHEAP and FAST shipping service.

Double Protection.

You are protected by Amazon AND the seller’s warranty.

Customer Reviews.

See full, real reviews made by us AND Amazon’s customers.


I never put my name behind a product I don’t trust. My reputation is paramount.

On top of that, you are backed by my own professional opinion and analysis of each stand in the reviews that I write, so the chances that you pick the wrong table are close to non-existence.

Wondering what to pick? Tell me who you are!

How Does the Roost Fairs Against Competition?

The Roost is the original laptop stand of its kind. It started on Kickstarter and has had great success there.

When you have an awesome product like the Roost, which is extremely portable and ergonomic, to say the least, be ready to see others trying to copy you, and sometimes even succeed in doing it, because even if the quality is considerably lower, they price it so low as to make you genuinely confused between the two.

There are a few stands out there that copied the design of the Roost stand, most notable are the Nexstand and Urbo.

Tim, a reviewer on Amazon, has purchased both the Roost and Nexstand and wrote a tremendous comparison review between the two. I tried to contact him asking if he could do me a favor and write a new comparison review for our blog, he still hasn’t responded.

So, I’ll try to rewrite his comparison results in my own words here.

The Roost vs Nexstand

The Roost vs Nexstand

(Comparison Review)

NOTE: All the images in the comparison review below are taken from Tim’s review on Amazon. All credits go to him.

Ergonomics and Laptops.

Let’s face it. Laptops are ergonomics nightmare. They are designed to be portable, compact, but not ergonomic.

If you want to transform your laptop workstation into a proper ergonomic workstation, start with the laptop stand. Of course, there is the desk, the chair, the footrest and so on, but starting with the laptop stand allows you to adjust the height of your laptop’s screen to match your eye level, which creates the condition of a good posture to ensure a healthy neck and back.

Ergonomics in the Workplace - Sitting Correctly Behind the Computer Screen
Elias Jireis - Face Closeup

Elias Jireis

Admin, Founder of PLS.

Hi, I’m Elias and I’m the founder of this blog website here.

I’ve always worked behind a desk, either in the office or in the lab, as a practical electronics engineer throughout my career, and still do.

Ergonomy has always been a concern and an interest to me because I’m always confronted with it on a daily basis.

If you’re a laptop owner, or a MacBook owner, and you find yourself working on it several hours a day, it’s imperative to own a portable stand that’ll enable you to work healthily and correctly without damaging your body.

I hope with this website to give you the best knowledge and reviews possible of the best ergonomic portable laptop stands, to make it easy for you to choose a stand that perfectly fits your needs.

If you need any help, an opinion, a suggestion, or want to contact me for any manner, please follow me on the social media (Through the links below) or send me an email to elias@portablelaptopstands.com, or simply use the contact form.

Good luck!

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